In these uncertain economic times, many families in the United States are struggling just to get by. As of August 2011, the official unemployment rate exceeds 9 percent and over 40 million families are receiving food stamps.

Despite the economic strife in America today, there are still many opportunities to earn a little extra cash. These opportunities are often hidden in the cracks and crevices of everyday life – like pennies on the ground.

The focus of this blog will be these opportunities that are so often overlooked. While the topics we will be discussing probably won’t make anyone rich, we will provide tips and advice on how you can put a little extra cash in your pocket and make your life a little easier.

About the author: The author of this blog is a 27 year-old writer from the Midwest United States. He also operates a non-profit Christian ministry which was founded by his Father who passed away in 2010. Before taking over for his Father, the author served as IT Manager, Assistant Editor, Technology Advisor, Director of Web Development, and A/V Production Manager for the ministry.

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